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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Letter to Luis

writing a letter to a child i have been sponsoring in Bolvia...Think it would mean so much more to him if i were able to write him a letter in his language...Hoping the translator tools will be of help.

Dear Luis Alfredo,

Am always so happy to receive a handwritten letter from you. Am trying a new program that will allow me to translate my English words into your language. I do not know how this will work out but hope you will understand most of the letter.

I hope you keep warm during the winter. It is summer over here and is very hot. It is nice that you are interested and enjoy sports and basketball and are even on a team. Maybe someday soon, you will get to be on your city's team.

How is your family? I remember that you have a twin brother? I remember this because my husband also has a twin brother. Are you best friends?

I have 2 children now, Elizabeth was born last October and Nathaniel is now 3 years old. I hope you continue to grow strong and healthy and that you will continue to learn about God and His love for all of us.

Take care my friend. May God bless you.

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