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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Paper Plus Supplier

Ventured out of my comfort zone this week and wehn into the industrial park that is on the way home from work. Have been seeing their sign about Paper Supplies and given the limited variety in the carft store, i figured now was the time to venture out. Especially since a potential customer wanted boxes in the right "blue" in the UK. ( I also sold something for the first time to a buyer in Rio De janero...woo hoo)
I go in thinking this will be an easy zip in an zip out errand...an hour later, i emerge with in depth knowledge about how the paper mills work, how not every paper in the same sample book is available in the same weight. How to gauge paper weight and how the mill has to start with white and work all the way down the color scale before coming back to white. I also left armed with sample books and a new friend at the paper store.
Am rather happy about my accomplishment, really feels like "i'm in business" So...here's to more paper and scissor-gami!
Click the title header to be directed to the Store i found!

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