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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Lost Picture

So assuming you have a digital camera, have you ever had the most dreadful experience of mistakenly hitting the delete button and not only that the delete all button and even worse hitting the yes, delete all button? I did. This was when we had a regular digital camera that shook the picture with my unsteady hands. Before we got our intelligent digital SLR.

Well the one and worst experience that i had of the above was when i deleted Nathaniel's first christmas pictures...yes all of them. The gravity of my error was compounded many months later because it happened that that would be his grandfather's final Christmas before he passed away the following year. I could not have felt more bad! I even tried to run some sort of card recovery program on the card but was not successful in recovering anything. I assumed the pictures were lost...yes, forever.

Yesterday, my dad, who happened to take the old digital cards without my knowing, ran his program on them and he's retrieved a number of them. Here's the most precious one.

Yes it's blur, yes the background does not make sense but that picture says a great deal to me. We'll never be able to take this picture again. But i hope it will really contribute a great deal in our trying to bring across to Nathaniel who his grandfather was


Cindy Joy said...

What a great story! You're going to make me cry. Very touching. I tend to not delete any of my photos until after I have them on my computer and can see them on a big screen. I really like my massive memory card!

serendipityrose said...

What a precious thing your dad did for you in retrieiving some of your once lost photos! I've come so close a few times of losing pictures It's usually late at night when I'm too tired to concentrate when I do these not so clever things!

The answer to your quiz question is 60 wontons.