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Friday, May 30, 2008


Ok, so MIRC, ICQ, MSN, Friendster, My Space, Etsy isn't enough, i'm now on Facebook. Look me up under Rachel Elizabeth, my avatar is currently that of a butterfly. (If you are an EtsyMom join the group.) I think i must have signed up for like 10 different web sites and applications in under 2 days. My email is going to be seriously bombed. I need to return to creating...and cleaning up this house.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today i found all kinds of widgets for the blog. I mean someone could be reading this in Japanese if they wished! Anyway, do check the new features out, post a message on my chatbox, put your plug in my plugboard and rate my blog so i can improve and do this all over again. Check out that only one person so far out of 6 possible has won a spot to be feautured. Hooray! wish there were more.
On the home front we took out a stump in our front yard. Took all of 15 mins to earn our $100.They were a really nice, well-deserving landscaping service though, glad for that.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Arsonists strike us again

Fort Natomas was burned down again by unknown perps and their wheelbarrow of flammable fluid. Brian, Nathaniel and I helped rebuild this fantastical playground in 2006 after it was destroyed the 1st time by arsonists. We even hand painted a family tile to commemorate the event and it was embedded into the play structure along with hundreds of families from the community. Memorial Day 2008, Fort Natomas was burnt down again. We were aghast that someone would do this to something that was good and fun for all the families in the area. It will be missed by a large community!
Can't wait to rebuild it though, am encouraged that folks of the community are meeting this Thursday, less than a week after the crime, to discuss our rebuild. Here's to rebuilding it...again!! (should i start singing "We shall not be moved"?)

For more on the Story:
For the rebuild website: http://www.fortnatomas.org/

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Target Achieved

Finished a large project today for a customer! Love the satisfaction of completion and the knowledge that "i can take a break" from the repetitive crafting. I'm in no way complaining mind you but it's like a pure breath of fresh air to be able to take off that weight of responsibility that someone's paid for a project and it's deadline. Now i can take a good look around my craft stash, organize it somewhat and start on a new product just for fun because of course the ideas for new and fun things for the store come at the time when i just cannot put down this one other thing for fear of missing my deadline. Such sweet relief!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Paddling out

So now that i'm getting braver with this blogging business I'm going to start featuring some of the cool sellers on etsy. Do stay tuned and come back to support them! The first will be an EtsyMom from....Rome. If we are connecting so rapidly round the world now one can only imagine what our kids will be doing in time to come!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

And now we are 2

Got my hubby into blogging today. Check out his website, Crunching the numbers! Think it'll be a cool little hobby for us as a thing we can squeeze in when the kids give us a second to spare. Am, in the vernacular, stoked!

Friday, May 23, 2008

1 drop in the bucket

This is my first serious blog. It's all so intimidating given the spectacular ones i've seen and given that i am quite the perfectionist. Oh well, we all must start somewhere mustn't we?
So, thanks to those who have been my inspiration to get my feet wet, not only in etsy but in this blogging business. Hopefully those who find themselves here will be in for a pleasant experience.