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Friday, July 4, 2008

Everybody Clean-Up

Mom loves to sing this song to Nathaniel on her visits with us to get him in the mood to clean up all his toys. Well today, that applied to me...only it wasn't toys but it was all my crafting stuff...yeah they are like toys to me i guess. Found the arbitrary knitting needle in a box that i didn't know i had, stamps galore, tiles, ink, glue, adhesive...i could open up my own craft store! oh wait, i already have...such a occupational hazard to be so prone to pack-ratting.
Brian picked up this huge Styrofoam casing today and asked me if i wanted it. To his shock i said throw it away and he even asked me again saying "C'mon, surely you can turn this into something can't you?"

You have to laugh, it crazy funny, there's no way i'll be able to get through all my supplies anytime soon. Pity is i'm not the type of person as you know that likes to stick to one form of crafting...so i have to take stock of what i have in sections, my sewing section of the room, my baking section, my clay section, my stamp and sticker section, my books section, my jewelry section...i really should go buy one of those funny signs from Etsy that says "i have officially bitten off more than i can chew"

Today is July 4th, America's Independence Day, am so thankful to be in this country, in my home with my family...What a blessing, what a life!

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