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Sunday, July 6, 2008

2 more holes

Do you have a recommendation? Do they offer this service at a clinic? Is there somewhere that you trust that you can go to? These were all our thoughts and questions in trying to find the right place to get Little's E's ears pierced. That was just a short 2 months ago. We ended up settling for Claire's near our house. Brian of course interrogated the poor man, a pretty young fella with at least 5 piercings in one ear. "How many have you done? Have you been doing this for awhile? How many babies' ears have you pierced?"
Well, we definitely wanted them done right and were rather worried about her sensitive skin and how it would react to the piercing. So we finally braced ourselves and with protective big brother Nathaniel by her side, Daddy holding her with apprehension and Mom just hoping it'll work, trying to make sure he pinpointed the exact spots correctly on the ears, Little E began her ear-piercing journey. He fired the first one.
Took about 2 seconds before Little E's face started to crumble. At that point Brian wanted the second one done and over with as soon as possible. We all them heaved a collective sigh of relief.
Thinking about my own ear piercing experience when i was 12, my first pair were sapphire colored earring studs my mom bought me as we went to a jewelery store for my ears. Like injections, i hate it when people try to tell you it "does not hurt" or "it hurts only a little" to try to get you to be less afraid in the anticipation of the procedure. My thought is, if it hurts, tell me it hurts so i'm not alarmed that i'm the only one on that feels a great deal of pain and that something must have gone wrong. I have to admit, after the first earring went through my ear and the stinging began in real earnest i had, at 12, to tell them to hold off for awhile and it took more mental preparation of my 2nd ear. To this day, i only have 1 set of ear holes. I don't think i will want to go through that again.

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