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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Caught in a net

For the first time this year, we took the kayak out on the lake by our house. Was lots of fun, got rather soaked and the kids loved going under the fountain on the lake. We saw a small dead fish and that was kinda gross but all in all we had a perfect day with friends. Have a ton of brownies and cupcakes left over though...what will we ever do with them?

Little E and Rachel got some time together staring at each other trying to figure the other out. A 9 month old staring at a 4 month old, it was a hoot. Didn't have batteries in Elefun though so the mommies took turns throwing the "butterflies" in the air and watch our boys squeal and yell, trying to catch them as they came down.

Another terrific day, another terrific memory.

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