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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Little Hood: The first baby i showered

Meet REG! Those are this adorable little one's initials. It is too cool that we share the same first name and that i was given the honor of throwing my first baby shower for her mommy. It's a big deal as we do not have any kind of showers of the sort where i grew up in Singapore. Neither do they in China where REG's mom grew up as well. Both of us have officially assimilated the American culture. I often ask Brian, "Isn't it awkard to open a gift in front of the gift-giver?" in my culture it is also considered impolite. Now i recognize it as a self-preserving measure as i remember feeling so self-conscious and worried if i was "gushing" enough to show my appreciation for everyone's thoughtful gifts. I mean seriously how to you react to a situation like that when everyone is so nice but what if you really don't like a gift...you lie? Shocking! But in truth, it was very surprising and overwhelming to see how much your friends and co-workers can band together and give you so much in the most unexpected situations. All in all, it's very exciting to do shower the Americana way.


(and my simple life)... said...

Is it Singapore? You mention it in your post so I'm guessing that's it!

Ethereal Rhapsody said...

Y.E.S. 93.3FM is a radio station in which country? Yes! brillant...I'll be putting your store on the schedule...i'm so elated someone reads my blog wohoo!