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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Above Suspicion

Came across this movie today and was surprised by all the ironies of it. This was Christopher Reeve's last film prior to his accident in 1995. In the film he plays a decorated police officer who becomes paralyzed and also finds out about his wife's unfaithfulness with his brother. Just days after it aired, he was paralyzed in real life, more severely than portrayed in the movie. His wife, Dana, also had a small part in the movie. Prior to the accident, he did comment in this regard about the movie he had visited a spinal cord trauma unit in Van Nuys, California, to prepare for this role. He said these prophetic and widely quoted words: "A couple of days spent out at the spinal cord trauma unit and you see how easily it can happen. You think, 'God, it could happen to anybody.'"
After the accident, in 1998
, Reeve said that he does not watch Above Suspicion when it is shown, but not for the reason we might expect. "...every time I left that rehab center, I would say, "Thank God that's not me." I was very smug about it and relieved to leave the hospital, and I regret that so much because I was setting myself apart from those people who were suffering without realizing that in a second that could be me.... I'm ashamed about my smugness, my complacency, you know, and it brings back a bad memory, so I don't watch that one."
On the top is a picture from the movie after he is paralyzed, on the bottom is a picture of him in real life after he is paralyzed. I believe to our generation he will always be Superman and though i liked the movie only somewhat and personally think it drags out quite abit, i still find myself rooting for him all the way to the end


Cindy Joy said...

Hmm, couldn't find a place to comment directly on your Trivia question, so I am answering here. Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, a former Harvard student. My etsy store is cindyjoy (dot) etsy (dot) com. Welcome to FAM!

Ethereal Rhapsody said...

Yes, you are right! I will convo you when your store is to be featured! Thanks for playing