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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Tried it: Ice Orbe

Seeing that the schedule maintenance is going to happen in about 7 minutes, let's see how far i get with this post. Tried a new gadget of sorts from Solutions.com (by the way, if you want to shop there, check out my links on the right)
Anyway, my workplace has a really little, close to a mini, refrigerator, therefore it's freezer compartment is even tinier. There is no ice. Well there is but the lone ice tray is about the size of my palm. With the hot summer months coming up, this is me planning ahead.
Here is the ice Orbe. I can't find it anywhere else yet but the concept is pretty cool. Take the blue insert out, fill it was water up to about the first bump, push the insert back in which squeeze the water all the way up to the top to fill all the ice cube cavities and freeze on a flat surface in the freezer. It's totally cool! Had to really read the instructions which of course i assumed i was intelligent enough to bypass, to get the ice cubes out. Boy, did i struggle. Then i went back to the instructions and it worked like it was supposed to with little effort. Imagine that!
So i've reviewed the product for them and gave it 4 stars (what can i say i'm a perfectionist)
So there's my 2 cents

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