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Monday, August 25, 2008

9 Hour Scissorgami

Ok, so i am so not going to take on a paper box project for awhile. 9 hours back to back paper cutting was not my idea of trying to make a deadline. As usual over extended my creative spirit and did not fully anticipate the task for juggling the family and also trying to get my latest project commitment done. I am scissor-gami-ed out. A term coined by a co-worker who saw my antics with the scissors.
Time to drop everything and take care of number 2...my family. No, number 1 is not me. I hope the time spent pays off for my buyer whose wedding is coming up at the end of this week.
I've apples to dehydrate, desserts to make, carpets to clean, laundry to get through, HR block classes to complete, Dad's stuff to ship, Bro's stuff to buy, gather my belonging for the upcoming trip and playtime with my kids! Yeah!

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Rebecca Maples said...

I love your blog, so I gave you an award. Visit my blog to see it, and to get the directions for passing it along. Thanks, Rebecca