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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Arsonists strike us again

Fort Natomas was burned down again by unknown perps and their wheelbarrow of flammable fluid. Brian, Nathaniel and I helped rebuild this fantastical playground in 2006 after it was destroyed the 1st time by arsonists. We even hand painted a family tile to commemorate the event and it was embedded into the play structure along with hundreds of families from the community. Memorial Day 2008, Fort Natomas was burnt down again. We were aghast that someone would do this to something that was good and fun for all the families in the area. It will be missed by a large community!
Can't wait to rebuild it though, am encouraged that folks of the community are meeting this Thursday, less than a week after the crime, to discuss our rebuild. Here's to rebuilding it...again!! (should i start singing "We shall not be moved"?)

For more on the Story:
For the rebuild website: http://www.fortnatomas.org/


hautemommy said...

For the trivia, here we go haha!!

Minnie Driver played Carlotta in Phantom of the Opera... one of the songs off her CD is #4 Cold Dark river!! :)

Abby said...

Song #9 is Lakewater Hair